This project aims to create a peer support system for current and future students that are having difficulty finding their footing both at the university and in Padova. Peer mentors are not meant to replace the tutor buddy system managed by the university, rather to provide extra support for students that are not receiving the assistance they need. Request a peer mentor by filling out the contact form.


This project aims to supplement classroom curriculums by presenting special topics identified by the students. Topics will be discussed in a  series of workshops dedicated to sharing the their lived experiences. Additionally, we aim to showcase exceptional research essays that highlight topics that are often overlooked in mainstream media.


This project utilises social media platforms to expand the reach and visibility of the SET, raise awareness about HR issues and the SDGs, and highlight HRG student accomplishments. Content creation will be involve video skits, memes, information bites, interviews, etc. that are accessible and relatable. Students are encouraged to interact with our pages through open dialogue.


This project aims to connect with the vast network of HRG alumni. Connections will be established and maintained in order to share experiences and tips about real world applications of the skills acquired during the program. Several events will be held to facilitate panel discussions between students and alumni, and to network with professionals in the field in preparation for graduation.

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