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Then and Now: A look back at 2020

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Happy New Year!

2020 has been a complicated year for all of us. In this edition, SET takes a look back on a very peculiar year all the while keeping eager eyes toward the future. Scroll to the end of this newsletter to read tips on how to make the most of our media.


It All Started in September...

The leaves carpeted Piazza Capitaniato and the bars were lined with students (spritz-in-hand) to celebrate the upcoming academic year. As a small nucleus of students of the Human Rights and Multi-level Governance programme at the Università degli Studi di Padova (UniPD) chatted between cichetti, a great idea was born—to create an organisation whose aim was to bring students and the their University closer together all the while contributing to the evolution of their Master's. Christine Nanteza and Alessia Rossi jumped to the occasion: they quickly met with faculty members and instilled a lasting collaboration. In October, the cork was popped at Giardini dell'Arena during our Soft Launch Event bringing the organisation to life. November meant work time—SET went digital and its core projects created various initiatives based on student requests. After dreaming, celebrating, making connections, and working, December meant it was time to do some housekeeping: internal operations were optimized, standard procedures were developed, and our 2021 vision was solidified. We thank you wholeheartedly for making this organisation what it has become today and look forward to supporting you in 2021.



If we were to make a list of the words that we have repeatedly heard this year, stress would certainly be in the top three. The word is thrown around so frequently that we forget to analyse the feelings associated with it. In their article, "Trauma on the job and the road to self-awareness" Patricia Ferreiro and Christine Nanteza recall some of the most stressful moments in their lives that took a lot of self-awareness to cope with. If you are having trouble getting out of the rut, contact the University of Padua’s psychological support service.

Let's face it: 2020 wasn't kind to anyone and most of us saw our bank balances roll back forcing us to reevaluate our finances. In her article, "Can students grow their savings during the pandemic?" Christine Nanteza shares her tips on employment and budgeting to help the struggling student. Her story makes us travel from her home country, Canada, and ends in an alternate world: COVID era Italy. In the article titled, "Joining a Community of Activists at Amnesty International"

Caterina Dollorenzo introduces us to her “yellow family”, Amnesty International, and shares how this organisation has been part of her life since she was 17 years old. She attributes her participation in the organisation to her becoming a conscious individual and a strong woman.


Share your Knowledge

We are pleased to share the academic paper of Emanuela Iulianiello, a second-year HRG student. The paper was submitted as the final paper for the course of Religions and Human Rights, on 12th June 2020. In her paper, Emanuela examines how the social element of the children’s religious life is considered in the protection of religious freedom.


Upcoming Events

This is the section that you don't want to miss!

Road to Graduation Series: Workshop 1 (Research Question Q&A)

After warming you up in our first workshop, the "Road to Graduation Series" brings you a more in-depth activity exploring how to develop an adequate research question. We are honoured to have two guest speakers—Professor Paolo De Stefani and Elena Principe, HRG Alumna—who have volunteered their time to facilitate break-out room activities and a Question-and-Answer session. Doubts raised during our last session regarding thesis length and supervisors will be answered. Students will have the opportunity to contribute further questions through this form: Question Submission Form.

Community Conversations: Time Management for Success

Community Conversations: We all deal with stress, procrastination and prioritization on a daily basis, but how well are we managing these aspects of our lives? This is a community discussion on essential skills for students to effectively organize their university-related activities to achieve academic and personal success. The one hour event will be held in English and participation is open to both students and the public.

See the calendar to RSVP.


Ongoing Initiatives

There is still time to participate!

Mate Project

As part of their ongoing efforts to help first-year students adapt to the Human Rights and Multi-level Governance programme, the Peer Support Group has decided to continue to recruit both "Mates" and "SINOS" (Students in Need of Support) as part of their MATE PROJECT. If you are looking for help or willing to help and want to be coupled with a peer to do so, contact them here.

"Where are my Mates" Padlet Have you ever wondered where your classmates are doing their internships? In collaboration with Professor Paolo De Stefani, SET invites you to contribute to this interactive map which displays useful information such as prerequisites, contacts, and remarks on your classmates' past internships. Visit our forum for instructions on how to access the padlet. Membership required.


How to Navigate our Media Pages

Here are a few tips to make sure you're getting the most of our platforms! [WEBSITE [WEBSITE]

About: For information regarding our mission, vision, and team members.

  • Projects – an area of find out what we are currently working on.

Blog: Find segments like Stories from the Field, Share your Knowledge, Managing Finances, Sustainability, Talking Intersectionality and Personal Growth. All the articles are written by students, with students in mind.

  • Documentaries – we share select free source documentaries intended to spark a multidisciplinary approach to solving human rights and sustainability issues.

Events: Find and register to attend our workshops, seminars, and live events.

Forum: Accessible only to email address holders. All restricted content directly addresses academic requirements that cause concern for students.

  • Members – enjoy exclusive access to human rights, international development and international relations internship and job openings from various institutions, in addition to special video content and SET-HRG discussion highlights. The forum is a space where students can ask questions and share information about the program and life in general.

[INSTAGRAM] Student Engagement Team Global (set_on_humanrights) – dedicated to raising global awareness about human rights issues by searching through complex databases and summarizing information in a manner that is accessible at all literacy levels. Student Engagement Team Padova (set_padova) – a space for students, by students. Find information about program requirements and deadlines, personal, academic and career development advice, and a shared space to celebrate the accomplishments of UniPD students. You can also find us on Facebook under the same username. [LINKEDIN] [LINKEDIN]

Student Engagement Team – for tips on how to build an online presence that will attract recruiters. We also share recruitment advertisements from credible institutions. [EMAILS] Project Manager:, for collaborations and trainings Crew Members:, for information about specific projects Communications Liaisons:, for general inquiries

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